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Building a fully flexible workforce and operating model by connecting front and back office

with Tom Frosina, TD Bank

In this episode

Ops Game Changers: How TD Bank increased agility and improved customer experience by revising team structure.

Episode 2 dives into the topic of flexibility in customer service and the importance of maintaining service levels during peaks and dips. To address this topic, we are joined by Tom Frosina, Head of Card Operations at TD Bank. As one of North America’s top banks, TD Bank differentiates itself as a brand rooted in a desire to give its 27 million customers, communities and colleagues worldwide the confidence to thrive in a changing world. This Ops Game Changer shares how TD Bank utilized the capacity available in front and back office teams interchangeably to become an early adopter of this technology and implement a flexible structure to transform and improve the customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Tom shares his insights into the challenges they faced during busy times, such as during the pandemic, and how they were able to train front office (call centre) and back office (operations) employees to be flexible and adaptable depending on service demand. Teams were able to share capacity, appreciate each department’s challenges, and therefore gain knowledge, insights and greater experience, which in turn led to higher employee engagement. 

Tune in to this fascinating episode to learn more about TD Bank’s experience in transforming its operations teams to become 100% remote and why this has positively impacted employee engagement and, ultimately, resulted in consistently higher levels of customer service even during busy times.

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Your key takeaways from this episode

Merge front and back offices to optimize resource utilization across spikes.
Combine data for better decision intelligence.
Utilize experienced employees for similar types of work and cross-skill teams.
Practice resource-flexing during low-volume periods and give your teams the opportunity to experience the process without the stress.

So, look to make what I call those kinds of double trades around the organization where you move another group over. Also, don’t be afraid that if it’s not working out well, change out the people, right, in a nice way. 

Tom Frosina, Head of Card Operations, TD Bank

Meet our guest

Tom Frosina

Head of Card Operations

TD Bank

Tom leads the servicing teams for Retail Card Services and selected Bankcard operations. This includes contact centers, back office operations and related support operations (workforce, training, etc.) Tom had been with TD since April 2017. Prior to that, Tom held similar roles at Citibank, Capital One, Cigna, and Barclays (US and UK).

About TD Bank, America’s most convenient bank

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with more than 90,000 employees around the world, the Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Group (TD). TD offers a full range of financial products and services to over 27 million customers worldwide.

Meet our host

Bhavesh Vaghela



Bhavesh is an accomplished tech marketer with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced and disruptive markets. He has held senior roles in start-ups like ResponseTap and Kernolab, as well as global brands – Oracle and OpenText.

Since joining Activeops, Bhavesh has been on a mission to bring to the fore the stories and achievements of service operations leaders.

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