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Transforming Operations with AI and Automation

with Ellena Bianco, CoreLogic Australia

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Ops Game Changers: How CoreLogic adopted sentiment with AI to reduce human intervention

In episode four, we dive into the topic of automation in customer service, and how to manage staff apprehensions and uncertainties around the impact of AI on their current role. To address this topic, we are joined by Ellena Bianco, senior leader client operations at CoreLogic. CoreLogic is a B2B information service provider empowering the property services industry in Australia and New Zealand through technology, data and connectivity.

This Ops Game Changer shares how the team at CoreLogic evolved their automation strategy, from being very rules-based some five years ago, to now adopting sentiment with AI to reduce human intervention and drive operational efficiency.

Ellena shares her first-hand experience of how the team at CoreLogic went about identifying areas for improvement across the customer service element of the business, the targets that were set, and the impact these changes have had on productivity, staff wellbeing, and ultimately the customer experience.

Throughout the episode, Ellena talks about the elements of resistance that were met along the way, such as the disbelief, uncertainty and apprehension of employees around how AI would impact their day-to-day work. Ellena shares how these challenges were addressed with honesty, understanding, and transparency. The approach that CoreLogic had towards AI implementation has enabled employees to fully understand and appreciate the improvements and embrace more challenging work, leaving the repetitive tasks to the bots.

Tune in to this fascinating episode to learn more about CoreLogic’s experience in transforming its customer service teams to address customer requests in under 30 minutes, and why this has had such a positive influence on customer experience and team morale.

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Your key takeaways from this episode

Look carefully for opportunities to automate processes. Start with the easier, high-volume, low-risk tasks.
Take the opportunity to really understand how the process works post-automation so the knowledge stays in the business long-term.
Preempt what could go wrong. As invariably it will and the more you understand the easier it will be to respond.

Digital first, human when it matters

Ellena Bianco, Senior Leader Client Operations, CoreLogic

Meet our guest

Ellena Bianco

Senior Leader Client Operations

CoreLogic Australia

Ellena is a highly effective operations leader with over 20 years of professional experience across telecommunications, financial services, and property market industries. Ellena is an influencer, driving end-to-end operational delivery and transformation through the utilization of digitization, data, and analytics. She is highly adept at building high-performance cultures using data-driven decision-making.

About Corelogic

CoreLogic unlocks property insights with rich data, deep expertise and smart tech.

As the largest custodian of property data in Australia, CoreLogic collects, cleanses, connects and enriches billions of data points from thousands of disparate sources to create a unique 360° view of over 14 million properties across Australia and New Zealand.

CoreLogic analyses data to find the meaning and delivers valuable insights that customers rely on to make informed decisions.

Meet our host

Bhavesh Vaghela

Chief Marketing Executive


Bhavesh is an accomplished tech marketer with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced and disruptive markets. He has held senior roles in start-ups like ResponseTap and Kernolab as well as global brands – Oracle and OpenText.

Since joining Activeops, Bhavesh has been on a mission to bring to the fore the stories and achievements of service operations leaders.

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