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Driving efficiency and business growth with upskilling

with Nicole Mott, Senior Manager – Transformation, Velonetic

In this episode

Ops Game Changers: The power of people: Velonetic’s focus on upskilling to create more opportunities for employees, drive growth and improve customer satisfaction

In this episode we look at how technology can be used to ensure teams have the capacity to continuously learn about new and emerging technology so they can continue to build capabilities, and how Velonetic used data and insights from employees to enable their operations to do more and run more effectively. 

Nicole Mott, Senior Manager Transformation at Velonetic, shares how the company underwent a large transformation project to upskill their people to better support their customers (insurance companies). The project enabled Velonetic to expand their services portfolio with specialised highly skilled people that support more complex types of insurance claims.  

Are you in charge of upskilling your team across multiple markets, and looking for advice on how to begin and implement the process successfully? Or perhaps you’re introducing AI into your operations teams, but wondering how to support and empower your team to make the most of the technology? Then look no further, this episode is for you. 

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Your key takeaways from this episode

Encourage openness: Have approachable senior leaders that employees feel confident and empowered to approach.
Reverse mentoring has a huge impact on employee development, but the key to implementing it is having capacity to invest time into it.
Making people feel part of the bigger vision helps with employee engagement.
Comments in staff engagement questionnaires say more than any numerical score.
Don’t just listen to respond, listen to understand.

It’s also about the future…So, looking at what skills we need to provide our people with regards to AI, what needs they will have in the future.

Nicole Mott, Senior Manager – Transformation, Velonetic

Meet our guest

Nicole Mott

Senior Manager – Transformation


Nicole is an award winning Senior Leader with over 30 years’ experience in the London & Global Insurance market. She has held a number of senior roles across Claims, Operations, Process Improvement, Transformation and Change and most recently she has been nominated for Role Model and Unsung Hero at the Women in Insurance and Women in Tech awards 2024. Nicole has a passion for driving change in this dynamic and complex market, through digital transformation, but always with a people lens.

About Velonetic

Velonetic is making insurance easier for a smarter, faster, global marketplace. We provide London Market Central Services as a core offering, as well as bespoke professional services to support our customers throughout the insurance lifecycle – from policy and premium placement to claims and settlement.

Velonetic is building the new digital platform that will underpin the London market’s transformation. The single digital platform will transform legacy systems to modern applications using AI, automation, and the cloud, bringing significant improvements in speed and efficiency.

Meet our host

Bhavesh Vaghela

Chief Marketing Executive


Bhavesh is an accomplished tech marketer with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced and disruptive markets. He has held senior roles in start-ups like ResponseTap and Kernolab as well as global brands – Oracle and OpenText.

Since joining Activeops, Bhavesh has been on a mission to bring to the fore the stories and achievements of service operations leaders.

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