Performance index, with a side order of competitive advantage.

A clever solution from the expert team at ActiveOps.

With over 15 years’ experience in helping back offices to orchestrate and manage their work and capacity, ActiveOps has developed a unique metric algorithm using compliant, anonymised statistical operational data gained from our customer-base together with their operations-focused experience. The OpsIndex is designed to score and benchmark key metrics based on industry sector and regional trends across the globe.

How does it work?

The OpsIndex Score & Benchmarking tool involves measuring the performance of your operational business on an enterprise level, department by department and against community level using benchmarked KPIs within ActiveOps customer base, by sector and country. Comparing department vs. department and your business to others is a valuable way of improving your understanding of your business performance and potential.

In more detail.

  • Available as part of AOM-as-a-Service
  • Produced quarterly for Senior Executives using ControliQ
  • Powered by Microsoft PowerBI
  • Specific operational department data for ControliQ enterprise-wide clients

OpsIndex insights support your business’s continuous improvement. Reviewed as part of the quarterly briefing, action plans are discussed, agreed, and coordinated to improve and optimise your business performance.

The five measured dimensions to calculate your OpsIndex.


Are you well balanced?

This dimension will look into how flexible your resource capacity is when loaning and borrowing between teams and when managing flexitime, overtime, and temporary workers in order to balance work and resources at the optimised level.


Do you have the production control to consistently and reliably meet the goals that you set?

This dimension will look at how you measure against the optimum score.


Are you consistently meeting service expectations and SLAs?

This dimension looks at the number of days that your Work In Progress is on or ahead of plan.


Are you consistently getting the best from your people?

Low scores in this category mean that there is significant room for improvement.


How well are you focusing your time on core activities?

This dimension enables you to see how your investment in training and engagement compares with others.

Know. Improve. Perform.

No other workforce management platform can provide the benchmarks insights we can using our software solutions. Let us help you identify the actions to drive operational excellence across those key dimensions.

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