Is 2024 the Year of Transforming Service Operations with AI?

The first edition of OpsTracker in 2024 analyses OpsIndex data from Q1 2024 and trends to watch in Decision Intelligence and AI for operations in Financial Services

What’s New in This Edition:

In each OpsTracker we analyse performance data from our proprietary OpsIndex and we spotlight new topics that operations teams are grappling with. We invite industry experts to share their experiences and opinions on these challenges.

  • Insights into Financial Services Operations Performance: Gain comprehensive global and regional insights into Q1 2024 performance, comparing it with the previous quarter and year. Discover key trends shaping the year ahead.
  • The Emergence of Decision Intelligence and AI: Explore how integrating AI and data with human intelligence empowers operations leaders to make faster, better-informed decisions, driving stronger operational performance.
  • The AI Imperative in Boardrooms: Join Alex Darko as he explores AI’s increasing significance in boardroom discussions and its potential impact on African banks and customers.
  • Get Real about AI: Mona Ashok shares insights from her latest whitepaper on AI’s future impact on operations.
  • An Ops Game Changer Opinion: Bhavesh Vaghela shares his enlightening discussions with one of the Ops Game Changers guests, Ellena Bianco from CoreLogic Australia, talking about her automation strategy and how embracing AI has boosted operational efficiency and improved customer outcomes. 

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