Managing Millennials in Service Operations

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Managing Millennials in Service Operations

Many millennials will be employed in the front and back offices of financial services, outsourced operations and shared services that make up such a large proportion of the developed world’s economy.

As service operations enterprises seek to improve their performance, many of them have adopted management techniques and technologies collectively referred to as Workforce Management (WFM) or Workforce Optimisation (WFO).

“Command and control” is so last century Data is more accessible and easier to analyse than ever. The complexity of the technology has led to a centralisation of planning expertise and the availability of data has encouraged senior managers to believe that they can control their business from on high.

Millennials will desire leadership that is structured and clear, focused on personal development and continuous improvement. It needs to encourage collaboration and problem-solving capabilities in the pursuit of success. They want to be heard, believe they have great ideas and the attitude to get things done.

Get the management style right right and your employees will put you at the top of the employer rating websites. Get it wrong and they will sweep out of your organisation in a fit of righteous indignation – tweeting about it as they go.

About the ActiveOpinions series

At ActiveOps we want to help to improve the quality of the working lives of the millions of people, all over the globe, who work in the back offices of service operations. These people make up the bulk of the modern workforce, helping us to get a mortgage, or claim on our insurance, or helping us to have our taxes assessed accurately or our benefits paid appropriately.

We believe the way to achieve this culture is to draw upon the very best of modern management theory to create a shared method for collectively planning work and managing performance. Our senior team have nearly 100 years of combined experience working in, or transforming, back office operations and we want nothing more than to share our views with you.