Robotic Process Automation

Accelerate RPA Adoption with Workware

* Identify and justify which processes to automate
* Maximise benefits of RPA implementations
* Manage and optimise teams and robots from a single point

Workware – Supporting Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Deploying Workware helps identify where, when and how many robots should be deployed saving money and avoiding automating ineffeciences.

Monitor reconfigure, monitor and optimize teams and robots from a single point.

  • How Many Robots do You Need?

    Avoid buying too many RPA licenses

  • Real-time View of all Operations

    Team and robotic performance all in one place

  • Maximise RPA Utlisation

    Make the most of your RPA investment

  • Support for any Robotics Vendor

    Simple and effective integration

  • Orchestrate a Blended Workforce

    Monitor and optimise all back office resources together

  • Monitor and Measure the Benefits

    Monitor and optimise all back office resources, including robots.

How Well Are Your Robots Working?

In a recent EY publication ‘Get Ready for Robots’ EY identified 10 top reasons why 30% – 50% of initial RPA projects fail.

Deploying Workware™ from ActiveOps directly addresses 8 out of the 10 issues and digitally unifies the orchestration of both human and robotic resources within a single application.

In less than 6 weeks you can have a complete view of your operation’s work and time, identifying exactly which tasks to automate to build a business case for RPA and then monitor its effectiveness after implementation.

Workware report indicating tasks most suited for automation

Accelerate your RPA project

Workware Data Insights highlights in real-time which activities are consuming the most resources highlighting where to invest in Robotics. The transparency of where team members are actually spending their time causes behaviours to change almost immediately.

More importantly, Workware Data Insights enables you to identify and remove inefficiencies before implementing an RPA project, saving costs and helping to build a compelling business case.

Scenario modelling will show the impact of activities not to be automated via RPA, allowing the testing of new staffing strategies, re-configured processes or service levels.

Workware – Robots Need Optimising Too!

Our experience shows that, like humans, Robots need the opportunity to perform. Workware used to manage Robots has revealed that their performance varies just like humans. They need enough work, are reliant on system response and are susceptible to up and downstream bottlenecks.

Workware comes with the built in connectors to receive real-time performance data from robots, ensuring comprehensive management of all back office capacity, including robotic and human teams.

Accelerate your RPA initiative. Use Workware to drive out inefficiencies and identify latent capacity from your operation before you implement your RPA project.

ActiveOps Workware supporting RPA

Manage a Blended Workforce

Workware Planning Insights takes the demand for work, plans and assigns capacity from the human and robotic workforce to ensure the right service level is achieved at the right quality, at the lowest cost.

Having the control to optimise the combined use of human and automated capacity prevents manual work expanding to fill the available time created by the automation.

Using digital connections to robots, Workware simply reports on performance and capacity alongside all other team members providing a single view of a blended workforce at department, team, individual or robot.

Increased capacity can be taken as savings to be re-invested in your RPA project.

Assign Team Members to High Value Tasks

Workware and the AOM Method helps you optimise the transactions that can’t be automated.

There will be many exceptions that need to be managed by the team members. These exceptions will be more complex, more value based, more variable in resolution and therefore be harder to achieve a cost and quality balance for a given service level.

With Workware and the Active Operations Management (AOM) method, operations managers are able to identify, release and redeploy excess capacity wherever it resides allowing our customers to optimise team and digital resources resulting in an advanced and more agile back office operations.

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