Senior Leaders’ Dinner

ActiveOps supports a global network of leaders delivering sustainable excellence in their operations through professional operations management practices. We connect and facilitate discussions between our clients and partners around a broad theme of the profession of operations management and the challenges thereof!

At each of our Senior Leaders’ Dinners, a lead speaker who is closely involved in leading change and excellence in operations is invited to drive conversation around their chosen key theme, providing insight and personal experience. All our Leaders’ dinners operate under Chatham House rules and are limited to around 15 people to ensure stimulating and free-flowing discussions.

The European dinner takes place quarterly in the private dining room of Gaucho Broadgate, London. With good food, good wine and excellent conversation, the dinner is always an outstanding success. If you’re someone closely involved in leading change and excellence in operations and are interested in either attending or speaking at the next Senior Leaders Dinner, send a note of your interest to

** If you’re interested in attending, then register your interest here.