ActiveOps Sponsor Southbank Sinfonia – Family Concert

Southbank Sinfonia – Family Concert 23rd September 11:30am – Cardogon Hall

ActiveOps are proud sponsors of the Southbank Sinfonia Family concert.

If you were creating a piece of music for an orchestra, where might you start? Perhaps a lightning bolt of sound to grab everyone’s attention… or an upbeat dance that gets your toes tapping… or a beautiful tune that gets stuck in the listener’s head? The options are endless, but with Poulenc’s action-packed Sinfonietta, Southbank Sinfonia’s musicians will help you explore some of the tools used to make brilliant music.

In the concert, specially-made videos provide an up-close insight to the music being played. Afterwards, you can ask the musicians all your questions and try out an array of instruments.

Ideal for children aged 5 – 11.