Stabilising Operations 11th June 2020 | London | Zoom Webinar

In this collaboration between KALMAER and ActiveOps you’ll see unique and undisputable data insights such as absence, productivity and utilisation rates from over 80 organisations. These insights tell a fascinating story through these times of significant change. We will show how such data combined with a stability dashboard is crucial for organisations to make smart decisions and move firmly out of the trauma phase and back towards stability. 

 You’ll hear discussions on the challenges around underutilisation of staff and how to deal with the (often unexpected) impact this has on staff wellbeing and how your leadership style may need to adjust accordingly. Noticing and responding to staff wellbeing needs is more important than ever, we will provide you with a vital tool to quantify and bridge this gap.

 In contrast to the human centric focus needed to regain stability, you’ll also hear how some companies are considering automation as one of the many steps back towards stability. We’ll guide you through some of the challenges you may encounter on this journey, with high volumes of furloughed staff and rapidly changing operational risk. 

 After this webinar you will….

    • Have data-driven insights from over 80 organisations on crucial metrics in today’s world as working volumes, utilisation, productivity and absence trends

    • Know why compassionate leadership is crucial to managing the wellbeing of your employees, now more than ever

    • Be able to place the right people in the right place at the right time through capacity management and data insight

    • Have a Stability Dashboard to assess where your processes need adjustment to deliver in this virtual working world