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CoreLogic Australia is the largest provider of property information, analytics, and property-related risk management services in Australia and New Zealand and is owned by the world's leading property-information group, CoreLogic.

CoreLogic Australia continues to grow, with over 520 people employed in Australia and New Zealand, and with over 20,000 customers and 150,000 end users in property, finance, and government using the CoreLogic services and platform more than 30,000 times a day.

CoreLogic and ActiveOps have been partner since 2014. Active Operations Methodology (AOM) and Workware+ software supports a total of 260 FTEs (115 onshore/145 offshore through Telus Internation).

CoreLogic Registered Logo
A group of employees working in a collaborative office environment.

Large QuotationsCoreLogic continues to grow, with over 520 people employed in Australia and New Zealand

CoreLogic Australia creates an engaged, collaborative workforce with ActiveOps

Before ActiveOps Implementation

In 2014, new operational executives to CoreLogic had experienced ActiveOps in other industries of financial services and the BPO space and recognised the opportunity it would bring to support CoreLogic's operational strategies: to improve service delivery, reduce costs, optimise existing workforce, and to improve employee engagement.

The business was looking to work with ActiveOps to support operational transformation and improved performance management through framework and coaching that quickly and visibly drove benefit realisation.

It was important that Leaders were supported through an operational management education program supported by tools and processes day-to-day that continued to evolve skills, knowledge, data capture, planning, forecasting, and decision making.

Operationally, the business was continuing to grow, and CoreLogic needed more capacity within the business without adding any further headcount. Support and tools were needed to capture reliable, real-time data around inbound volumes at an individual task level, and productivity metrics for improved operational planning and intra-day decision making.

Workers engaged in a collaborative working session in a office.
Staff in the office discussing current projects.

Quote iconWe witness our leaders grow as they became empowered by methodology and data that allowed them to have positive fact-based discussion with staff to drive performance engagement.

The Workware+ platform enables our team leaders to capture incredibly rich, powerful data that can be used to review and set future planning and forecasting volumes. Continued data capture provides excellent historical records of performance at every leave individual, team, business unit at daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cycles.

AOM enables world-class, consistent techniques to be applied and practiced become embedded and second nature. Once learnt and practiced, this methodology is inbuilt into our leaders' everyday decision making. We are forever applying leadership, planning, and forecasting through a different lens.

ActiveOps Implementation and Benefits

ActiveOps delivered a 10-week implementation that saw quantifiable staff participation and results within the first 4-week cycle. Through engagement, staff embraced what was being delivered and contributed to the process.

CoreLogic received ongoing support and participation from ActiveOps at the required pace. The implementation provided a clearly-defined structure and ensured participants are held accountable and kept on track at each implementation stage gate.

The program engages their workforce, driving willing participation in setting and reviewing task timings that set performance standards.

The Active Operations Methodology (AOM) supported culture change of participation and transparency by sharing the journey of what the business wanted to achieve through proven, fact-based discussion and results.

Benefits Overview

  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 30% improvement in capacity
  • 10% increase in staff engagement
  • Increase in accountability and operational efficiency
  • Reliable planning and forecasting
  • Fully integrated real-time data collection
  • Increase in staff engagement transparency
  • Cultural change supported from the ground up
  • Streamlined processes delivering capacity to onboard more clients with existing FTE.
Employees gathered to review statistics.

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