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Large Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

  • Due to real estate confinements, the company needed to implement a remote working plan to accommodate significant growth in operations (prepandemic)
  • Seeking a standardized and consistent efficiency measurement solution vs. ad hoc reporting
  • Implemented WorkiQ employee productivity monitoring
  • Standardized dashboards, KPIs, and reports available to all staff members in browser or mobile form
  • Consistent measurement regardless of work being done in a traditional office setting or home office
  • Enabled standards-based qualification program for home working incentive
  • Realized 12% productivity gain in the first 6 months
  • Started with 500 user department, now expanded to 3000+ users and removed call center vendor’s back-office solution that wasn’t fit for purpose
Employees in a virtual conference call.

Global Manufacturing Order Management Team

Customer Challenge

  • Difficulty to measure the productivity of legacy Order Management system to set standards
  • Manage working hours for OMS team supporting global clients
  • Need to measure application use time, while considering migration to SAP

ActiveOps Solution

  • Implemented WorkiQ employee productivity monitoring
  • Measured application screens and time utilization by application of the legacy OMS
  • Application usage and team member logon and logoff activity to organize shifts

Customer Success

  • First-year productivity boost of 9%
  • Rationalization of work shifts to support global client orders
  • Measured efficiency of legacy application to determine improvements rather than costly migration of Order Management System

WorkiQ Blue Cross Plan

Customer Challenge

  • Experiencing productivity issues in Claims coupled with high occurrence of unplanned overtime expense.
  • Needed to address other operational expense issues within the department

ActiveOps Solution

  • Implemented an employee model
  • Installed WorkiQ to provide true visibility, and identify the root cause of work efficiency issues
  • Provide real-time, accurate visibility of user activity

Success Results

  • Enabled and measured a goal of 6.8 hours of work time per day
  • Realized $1.2m savings by eliminating overtime in the first year
  • Work time accountability led to a reduced need to fill up to 44 FTEs due to attrition in 2 years
A woman working on a computer wearing a face mask and gloves.
Executives gathered around a work station.

Large quotations

I told our leadership team this is a game changer for our organizations. Once we had implemented WorkiQ, it proved true - our senior executives are seeing all of the results and they are just floored.

Senior Director of Claims

WorkiQ Top Five Healthcare Insurance Company

Customer Challenge

  • Rapid M&A activity led to the need for common measurement tools and standards.
  • ‘Process Improvement and Re-engineering projects’ failed to produce meaningful changes to operational efficiency.
  • Growing claims demands required more efficient operations.

ActiveOps Solution

  • Implemented WorkiQ employee productivity monitoring for Operations and Clinical of over 20,000 employees.
  • Established management blueprint to be implemented in all back-office operations.
  • Implemented AOM for WorkiQ as part of management training curriculum and certification.

Customer Success

  • Targeted 7% increase in productivity achieved 12% in the first year.
  • Realized $7m savings in first 9 months of implementation.
  • Adding new groups including Clinical, with a realization of 17% productivity increase.
Employees at work.
Team meeting in the conference room.

Global BPO/KPO Organization

Customer Challenge

  • Measuring contract performance across multiple clients globally.
  • Access to client systems typically via virtual machines such as Citrix.
  • Need to reduce manual and unreliable self reporting spreadsheets.

ActiveOps Solution

  • Implemented WorkiQ employee productivity monitoring.
  • Established data collection strategy for desktop, Citrix server, and mainframe applications.
  • Successful Pilot led to the deployment of new groups and new reporting standards.

Customer Success

  • Achieved a 6% productivity standard for offshore outsourcing group.
  • Eliminated selfreporting application and roll-up of spreadsheets.
  • Managers certification program established to measure consistently

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