Method to the Madness

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2020 is undoubtedly something to be amazed by. We are all experiencing it firsthand, but sometimes it feels like a Netflix series...

By Michael Cupps - Senior Vice President Marketing – ActiveOps

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ActiveOps Academy 2.0


Thanks to the high number of Academy members and certifications, we start seeing the immense potential our education process brings to workforce operations.

By Rosie Pye – Digital Experience Team Manager – ActiveOps

COVID-19 and Its impact on shared services delivery models in APAC

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While the events of early 2020 have no doubt shaken global markets, the truth is they will recover.

An SSON survey of Shared Services in APAC - sponsored by ActiveOps

2020 has given rise to an enforced polarised swing in both our personal and professional lives

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2020 has given rise to an enforced polarised swing in both our personal and professional lives.

By John Henderson - Enterprise Account Director - ActiveOps

Checklist for Navigating the Hype of Employee Productivity Monitoring

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Employee Productivity Monitoring amongst the list of innovative solutions that are currently generating significant market interest./br>

By Shany Elkarat -Head of Products - ActiveOps

Covid-19 Testing Business Practices

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Covid-19 tested business practices way beyond any previous real-life situation or stress test scenario imaginable. Operational control was key to providing some level of continued service and to gain control you need visibility

By Emma Price -Strategic Projects - ActiveOps

To be centralised or not to be centralised

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Watching governmental responses to the pandemic we have seen a debate played out. Is it better to have centralised or decentralised systems when dealing with a crisis?

By Staurt Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps

ActiveOps Academy – Managing Work@Home 2020 Course

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Our Coaches, Implementation Specialists and our Relationship Managers recognise the need for a consistent method to support remote and office workers..

By Daniel Katz - Solution Lead - ActiveOps