Optimize People and Robots Together

* Identify processes for automation
* Maximize benefits from RPA projects
* Manage and optimize people and robots from one application


* Expert views and opinions on digital operations
* Keep pace with challenges and innovations
* Back office operations as a competitive advantage

Workware and Workware Mobile

* Real-time data enables the balancing of work and time
* Monitor and manage human and robotic resources
* Fact-based forecasting and planning
* Optimize demand and capacity

Active Operations Management (AOM) Method

* Apply a consistent business framework across all operations
* Use and interperet operations data efficiently
* Promote cross team collaboration


Workware Back Office Workforce Optimisation

Workware™ and Workware Mobile. Expertly developed cloud and mobile digital operations management applications. Manage and optimize team and robotic performance in real-time.

Raise productivity, free capacity, reduce costs, while improving employee engagement, customer satisfaction and services delivery.

Optimize All Resources

Manage People and Robots Together

By using Workware you will be able to determine the optimum number of robots required for your operations, identify exactly which processes to automate, build a business case and then orchestrate and optimise the efficiency of all your teams and robots from a single application.

AOM Method

ActiveOps AOM Method - Back Office Workforce Optimisation

The Active Operations Management (AOM™) method enables “teams of teams” to collaborate. Sustain higher productivity through a consistent framework for meetings, use of Workware data and language.

Improve control, efficiency and staff engagement while reducing stress.

Workware and Active Operations Management (AOM) Method supports operations teams managers in more than 40 countries


Operational productivity gains


Monitor people and robots


Deployed in over 40 countries

1 week

Operational within 1 week


Monitoring and management

9 Months

Typical ROI


Digital Operations Management


Of accredited partners

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