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ActiveOps – Manage Differently

ActiveOps is a leading provider of digital operations management solutions to financial services, shared services, BPOs, government, healthcare and other service industries.

Our cloud-based solutions are proven to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase capacity, and improve service delivery and staff well-being. Customers can confidently prepare for and then run their service operations taking full advantage of the benefits of transformation programmes including RPA, automation, digitization and outsourcing.

Workware enables the optimization of individual and robotic, teams and departmental resources from a single application. Operations data is aggregated, analyzed and presented in real-time. Using Workware, managers can quantify work and time, identify capacity, identify processes to be automated and plan resources.

The Active Operations Management (AOM) Method embeds a consistent and sustainable framework of operations best practices. Operations professionals are coached to maximize the data through collaborative capacity planning, structured review meetings and skills development.

ActiveOps operates across the globe from offices in the USA, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa and Australia.

Who we are

We advocate that operations should be a source of competitive advantage to your business. Digital Operations Management Cloud-based software is a growing market that offers significant advantages. Activating consistent management processes enables you to achieve operational excellence with best practices in:

  • capacity planning;
  • manage people and robots together
  • forecasting;
  • team engagement;
  • performance management.

What we do

ActiveOps provides a uniquely-complete digital operations management and operations performance management solutions. Its value has been proven successfully across a range of global organizations back offices.

The Workware and Workware Mobile SaaS software suite is used to plan and manage the work of organisation in over 40 countries . The Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology is practiced by thousands of accredited managers in over forty countries.

How we add value

ActiveOps customers are able to unlock significant levels of capacity (typically 15%-25%) residing latent in their workforce operations. You gain far greater control over operations delivery while complementing, not replacing or duplicating, any existing systems.

These exceptional operations performance gains are aided by improved manager and team member engagement. New levels of insight are enabled by accurate, real-time performance management data.

What makes us different

ActiveOps delivers genuinely lasting change in the approach and behavior of front-line managers. This workforce community is pivotal to the transformation and success of your operations delivery.

The combination of Workware optimization solutions and the Active Operational Management (AOM) method embeds a people-centric, high performance, sustainable operations culture. Many ActiveOps customers are finding new ways to improve their operations years after the first proof-of-concept was launched.

How we help you

ActiveOps provides a comprehensive digital operations management solution proven across a diverse range of customer operations.