ActiveOps secures G-Cloud status for first time, bringing digital operations management to UK public sector

ActiveOps, a leading provider of digital operations management solutions, has successfully secured a place on the G-Cloud 10 framework for the first time. Making its G-Cloud debut will enable ActiveOps to deliver much-needed efficiency and productivity benefits to the UK’s cash-strapped public sector, through a combination of software and services designed to streamline processes and increase employee morale.

With public sector budgets becoming increasingly tight and low productivity continuing to hamper performance, there is a distinct need for innovation and new methods that will help the sector to stay resilient in the face of unrelenting pressures. The application to G-Cloud 10 by ActiveOps was made with these challenges in mind and aims to make sure that as many public sector organisations as possible can reap the rewards of cloud-based automation with more effective work planning and forecasting.

Gordon Bain Head of Sales Europe at ActiveOps, said: “The public sector is instrumental in keeping the UK on its feet, so it’s important that organisations are able to call upon the latest efficiency-boosting technologies whenever they are needed. Establishing a presence on G-Cloud is a top priority for us, as we see it as a key area of growth and one where our solutions can make a real difference.”

While the automation of cumbersome manual processes and the implementation of operations management software can have a transformative effect on public sector productivity and spending, Bentley also believes that workers should feel empowered – rather than intimidated – by their presence.

He added: “Robotics and automation are designed to go hand in hand with human input, so it’s important that this message is effectively conveyed to public sector workers. Automation software isn’t there to usurp them, it’s there to alleviate the stresses brought on by time-consuming manual tasks, thereby freeing employees to concentrate on responsibilities that will make the sector more agile and innovative.

“The same goes for operations management software: by giving public sector organisations greater transparency of the workforce and how it is performing, decision-makers can quickly spot pain points and figure out how to address them, as well as schedule work in a way that ensures the organisation is making the most from limited resources. This increased visibility helps improve employee engagement, by making it easier for them to raise concerns and gain the flexibility they need to maximise their impact.”

Solutions from ActiveOps will be available on the G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace from 2nd July 2018.