AOM Method Implementation

AOM Implementation

A rapid implementation and training program to help you on the road to digital operations management

This program introduces and integrates the Active Operations Management (AOM) method into your weekly and monthly planning and control processes.

Managers benefit from workshops, one-on-one training and coaching supported by eLearning.

A thoroughly tested implementation process gives managers the confidence to apply the AOM method and Workware software in their own operations environment and assists the drive to digital operations management.

Pre-Mobilization Health Check

Active Operations Management (AOM) is designed for the three important factors that all businesses must manage: service, quality and cost. Achieving these goals delivers a service that meets customer quality requirements at the lowest possible cost.

The Pre-implementation Health Check involves a four-part competency framework. This assesses how the metrics of Cost (Productivity), Quality, Service and Continuous Improvement are currently managed:

  • Behavior: The management approach used – such as, active, reactive or controlled.
  • Process: The consistency and comprehensiveness of management processes employed. A common work
    management process may be in place, or, processes may vary among teams and departments.
  • Skills: The ability of staff to apply and use management processes and the supporting tools employed. Staff
    may or may not have received formal training in this area.
  • Tools: The tools used to support the management processes employed. Applying the right tools could
    produce a practical reality from a theoretical concept (i.e., to be in control.) The Health Check includes a technical review.

Assessment results propose the extent by which performance could be improved through better operations management. The organization’s current operations management capability is rated against the ActiveOps Capability Maturity Matrix.

AOM Data Insights

Implementation of the AOM Data Insights program allows organizations to capture performance data, while providing real-time measures of efficiency and capacity. Organizations become able to measure end-to-end processes and capacity to optimize their performance.

AOM Planning Insights

Adding a Planning Insights implementation builds on the Data Insights foundation of data capture, analysis and performance reporting. It overlays a structured forecast, planning, control and review cycle.

Utilizing this cycle over short, medium and long-term planning initiatives provides valuable, definitive insights into the business. It enables capacity scenarios for what is required to deliver on these plans, and an approach to actively manage achieving these goals.

AOM Insights

The AOM Insights Implementation provides

a foundation of data capture, analysis and performance reporting;
with an overlay of structured forecast, planning, control and review cycle;
backed up with extensive certification and ongoing support.

Using this approach for business planning ensures the benefits of a clearer vision into the business. This is enhanced with capacity plans and an approach to actively managing their achievement.

Mobile Operations Forecasting
Data Capture
Operations Reporting

Powerful Workware analytics enable you to identify performance improvement opportunities and maximize the system benefits. Identify spare capacity as well as non-core activities to balance workload.

Utilize Workware’s real-time management capabilities to realize the full potential of your operation with a single view of performance.

Team managers use powerful and flexible capacity planning and forecasting analysis, along with historical data, to produce and monitor daily, weekly, yearly plans.