AOM Method

Active Operations Management (AOM) Method

Quantification, Collaboration, Optimization


With its roots in Lean, the Active Operations Management (AOM) method provides a business framework for consistent daily, weekly and monthly planning and control processes across all operations.

Since 2005 this method has been proven to help managers better plan, manage, engage and motivate team members. Productivity is improved while costs are reduced.

  • Facilitates cooperation within teams and departments. Achieving the collective goals of all service operations is made easier.
  • Develops confident, timely and proactive decision‑making. Promotes the regular development and monitoring of capacity plans.
  • Together with Workware provides management teams with a single view of performance. The management process becomes active, efficient, consistent.
  • Allows management teams to compare actual with planned performance.

  • Improves the visibility and deployment of resources across back office operations.
  • Encourages teams to achieve and then exceed the best possible performance.
  • Facilitates the identification and adoption of best practices throughout operations.
  • Provides a firm foundation for other business improvement or transformation initiatives.
Mobile Operations Forecasting
Data Capture
Operations Reporting

Powerful Workware analytics enable you to identify performance improvement opportunities and maximize the system benefits. Identify spare capacity as well as non-core activities to balance workload.

Utilize Workware’s real-time management capabilities to realize the full potential of your operation with a single view of performance.

Team managers use powerful and flexible capacity planning and forecasting analysis, along with historical data, to produce and monitor daily, weekly, yearly plans.