Implementation Partners

ActiveOps Partners

Implementation Partners

Workware software, the ILM accredited Active Operations Management (AOM) Method and implementation services combine to create a highly packaged and repeatable delivery of significant and lasting improvements in operational efficiency.

Adding AOM to your services portfolio provides additional revenue opportunities, whilst Workware ensures you have a visibility of your customer’s operations which allows you to become a long term trusted advisor.

Why Partner with ActiveOps?

  • Differentiate your operations excellence and business transformation proposition and complement your existing offerings
  • Consistently deliver 15-25% performance gains and increases in communication, control and staff engagement
  • Benefit from our 15 years of full-product development; software, management practices, change management techniques, innovative training interventions and a comprehensive library of supporting resources
  • Regular customer interventions funded by the Workware license fee ensure you are always present in your customer’s business
  • Opportunity to receive referrals for implementation services as a result of ActiveOps direct sales

How does Workware and AOM Enhance Customer Success?

The Workware Data Insights module, consolidates and validates data from a range of sources to build a complete picture of an operations’ work, use of time and performance. AOM practices ensure managers make best use of the actionable insight while Lean inspired techniques such as visual management and performance huddles positively impact staff engagement.   Productivity gains of 5-10% are typical

The Workware Planning Insights module, provides rigorous capacity planning and management capabilities. AOM practices ensure collaboration within and between teams is the norm and that the delivery of work is continually controlled in line with planned outcomes.  Use of human and robot capacity is continuously optimised leading to a further 10-15% productivity improvement.

Mobile Operations Forecasting
Data Capture
Operations Reporting

Workware’s powerful analytics help you identify performance improvement opportunities, realise benefits, identify spare capacity and non-core activities

Workware’s real-time management capabilities keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation with a single view of all operations performance and capacity

Powerful and flexible capacity planning and forecasting analysis using historical data to produce and monitor daily, weekly, yearly plans