ActiveOpinions – Team Leaders


A new series of opinion articles, addressing the challenges and innovations in the world of Digital Operations Management

Edition 10 – Helping Team Leaders to be The Engine of Change

Team Leaders – they really are the unsung heroes of Back Office Operations Management. It is a fact of organizational life that the Team Leaders are often the meat in the sandwich between top-down demands and bottom-up constraints. Despite this, they get things done and are the operation’s major point of leverage when it comes to implementing and sustaining change.

These Team Leaders have to cope with the with the “slings and arrows” of day-to-day reality in operations. Many Team Leaders rise to this challenge heroically, while others just find ways to get by, but this is too precious a resource within the operation to leave anything to chance. Think of Team Leaders not as the meat in the sandwich, then, but as the point of leverage – the execution engine that turns strategic intention into operational reality. With typical ratios of 1 Team Leader to 10 to 20 team members, no other group of people in the operation will have that much direct access and influence over the vast majority of the workforce.

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