HFS Research PoV ActiveOps and Allied Irish Bank

Predictive Operations Management Can Smooth the Path to the Digital OneOffice ™

Predictive operations management can smooth the path to the digital OneOffice

While operations management is hardly a sexy topic that will get prominence amongst the hype around RPA and intelligent automation, it is a crucial building block to construct the digital operating model. HFS had the opportunity to spend a day with executives from ActiveOps and its client Allied Irish Bank (AIB) to discuss those issues and learn about the practical application of ActiveOps Digital Operations Management suite.

In summary, ActiveOps’ solutions are operationalizing the OneOffice by supporting data-driven decisions that are underpinned by codified best practices. It is not about a rear mirror view based on historical data but about a predictive management of disparate teams. By breaking up every process into parts that can be measured, ActiveOps is supporting the forecasting and planning of the collaboration of disparate teams. Thus, unlike the many RPA discussions, it is not about reducing headcount but about productivity enhancements that in turn leads to capacity generation.

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