Case Study: Nationwide

* 80% Positive employee morale rating
* 10% Capacity Released
* 160,000 hours lent between teams

Nationwide are proud of the customer service they provide as the world’s largest building society, but in 2016 were looking for a way to take service to a new level. 

Nationwide believed that significant skilled capacity could be freed from existing operations to focus on delivering their aim of “legendary customer service”. The question was “how”? 

It was no longer sufficient just to review past performance as a guide to tomorrow’s operational plans. The opportunity lay in breaking down the silos, cross-training and sharing skilled resources. 

To do that, Nationwide needed to take a leap forward in operational management capability. 

Nationwide chose ActiveOps to provide new intuitive tools and proven training to help their people to raise their game to market-leading standards. 

We were looking for a more pro-active and operationally efficient approach that would help us to empower our people, break down the silos, and free up skilled resources.

Mark Eaton, Head Of Mortgage Servicing

Benefit Summary


Hours lent between teams


Latent capacity released


Positive employee morale ratings


Team leaders accredited in the AOM Method

  • 10% productivity improvement
  • Real time and historic visibility of individual, team and departmental performance data
  • 10% of latent capacity identified and freed up
  • Common business framework, data interpretation and language introduced via AOM
  • 80% Positive employee morale ratings during implementation
  • 160,000 Hours lent between teams in the first year
  • 100% of all team leaders accredited in AOM

Managing the unexpected with increased agility 

From time to time organisations such as Nationwide will inevitably experience unexpected events that cause a spike in customer enquiries and related activities. 

Prior to NAOM the main response was to rely on our employees to simply work harder and longer until the workload returned to normal. Although Nationwide employees could be relied upon for exceptional support at such times, this certainly caused undue stress and could impact on the quality of customer service. 

Since the introduction of the new NAOM tools and capabilities, better real-time visibility of work and available skilled resources means that capacity can be rapidly directed to the highest priority work. 

The Implementation

The introduction of the NAOM method provided a consistent management process. This enabled teams to better collaborate, allowing them to apply the data insights and reports provided in Workware to react quickly to changing workloads. 

The result was radical improvement in the ability to ‘load balance’ between teams, share best practice and identify skills training opportunities. Team leaders now openly share their capacity and workload through twice weekly meetings, supported by a consistent process, visible and accurate performance data. 

It has given us the ability to retain quality and trained employees in the business, and reduced training time. 

Suzanne AventSenior Operations Manager Operations & Delivery