Case Study: Xchanging

AOM Implementation Case Study: Xchanging

Active Operations Management (AOM) drives operational excellence in a mature Business Process Outsourcing provider

Xchanging are leaders in the provision of business process outsourcing (BPO), technology and procurement services. Business Process Services (BPS) is a division of Xchanging’s BPO function that provides the insurance sector with a world-class back-office service in policy and claims administration from its service centres in both the UK and India.

“The rigour and the discipline that are applied with AOM give us consistency across the entire operation. We were already good at what we do, but AOM has given us a framework for our goals
around operational excellence.”

Bev StoneOperations Director

Xchanging‘s status as a leading provider of outsourced services gives them an advantage in the competitive world of BPO. However, Xchanging realised that enhancing this status further to achieve ‘operational excellence’ could be a defining factor in the future success of their organisation.

This is why, despite performance at these sites already being good, they decided to make improvements to the operations management practices used in their UK‑based BPS service centres.

Xchanging identified that in order to make these improvements, they needed to work with an independent partner who would understand the needs and goals of their business. Xchanging evaluated several potential business partners before deciding to join forces with ActiveOps, an organisation with whom they had been working for a number of years and whose best‑practice methods and processes were already being applied in certain areas of their organisation. Xchanging’s first-hand experience of working with ActiveOps, together with the ActiveOps extensive experience and excellent reputation in the field of professional operations management, formed the basis for their choice of partner.

The management approach of champions

The results from the ActiveOps initial review of operations management capability in Xchanging’s UK BPS service centres showed that some areas were more mature than others. Now that AOM has been embraced across the entire UK BPS operation, all of these centres are enjoying a more consistent way of working. To ensure that this consistency is maintained, Xchanging have appointed three internal ‘AOM Champions’, who—in their capacity as ‘experts’ in AOM—support other team leaders and assist with the training of new staff.

AOM is now embedded in the culture of the UK BPS service centre teams at Xchanging, and the certification programme and appointed AOM Champions will help to make sure it remains so in the future. AOM will continue to bring Xchanging closer to their goal of achieving and maintaining operational excellence.

Bev Stone says: “It’s not just about achieving operational excellence and that’s it, done. We then have to maintain those high standards and continue to drive improvement throughout the operation. We’re currently talking to ActiveOps about our future plans, so watch this space!”