ActiveOps Webinars

ActiveOps Webinars

ActiveOps webinars is an informative and educational series. It creates an interactive forum for operations professionals, consultants and attendees. It is topically-relevant and ideal for sharing best practices to address the many challenges facing today’s operations professionals.

The following webinars are from our archives but remain relevant.  Check back to view the new webinars currently in development.

Powerful Management Metrics Drive Effective Behaviors and Generate Exceptional Business Results

Businesses use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success against goals in an organization and track progress. Are you using the right set of metrics and techniques to drive the kind of behaviors for the best results?

Join Active Operations Management and the Managing Director of Operations Investments at the National Bank of Canada for a thought-provoking webinar. Find out how you can move beyond traditional metrics to a new style of management.

The webinar explores better ways to approach KPIs. Learn the power of converting excess and shortfalls in capacity to bottom line savings. Understand how to empower front line managers. Become familiar with using “behavioral metrics” to generate exceptional production results.


Eric Sharpe

Eric Sharpe is an accomplished strategist, consultant and solution specialist. He has 25 years working with major corporations for technology and non-technology enhancements to help drive productivity improvements.

Just-in-Time Resourcing: Lean in Service Operations

Service organizations tend to rely on elements of production and operations management that have worked in manufacturing. Neil Bentley, Co-founder of ActiveOps, argues the service sector needs stop imitating and start innovating in order to meaningfully improve performance.

Neil explains why the elements used in manufacturing don’t work for service operations. He proposes a paradigm shift in the service sector similar to what was pioneered by Toyota years ago.

Gain insights into how the theory of Lean, such as the Just-in-Time principles, can be used in an innovative way to improve performance.


Neil Bentley

Neil Bentley has been helping organizations to improve their operating performance for over 20 years.

Originally qualified in psychology, he worked at Lucas Industries in the 1980s to earn experience in manufacturing production management. He then focused on financial services and the public sector with PA Consulting Group and as a partner with specialist consultants OCP. He launched ActiveOps in 2005 with fellow OCP partner Richard Jeffery. Neil has an unparalleled understanding of the human and technical aspects of performance improvement.

Managers Too Busy Being Busy?

Free Up Back Office Capacity With a New Approach to Operations Management

Change from a reactive to a proactive mindset in order to position your company for unprecedented excellence

Frontline managers are the critical link in organizational performance. However, they face competing priorities and are sometimes subjected to unrealistic demands. Is this familiar – they have too few staff, too many constraints? Often they spend their time “firefighting”.

Trying to lessen workload by doing things differently can be met with complaints of “I don’t have time to change”. Mandating actions or centralizing control can result in less engaged managers with a diminished sense of involvement.

So what can you do to break the “too busy being busy” cycle?

Why is Classic Operations Management Becoming Obsolete?

Cost is the major issue when trying to balance quality and service objectives.

How do you maintain – or indeed improve – quality and service while also reducing cost?

A Vice President of Operations at a well-known bank has successfully achieved just that. Sign up now to understand the benefits of replacing classic operations management with the Active Operations Management (AOM) Method.


Richard Jeffery is an expert in service operations management. He started his career with PA Consulting Group before moving to Coopers and Lybrand to specialize in organization, change management and operational effectiveness. He joined consultants OCP as a partner in 1993, where he began developing the framework and toolkit that today is Workware, Workware Mobile and the Active Operations Management (AOM) Method. He launched ActiveOps as an independent business in 2005 with fellow OCP partner Neil Bentley.

Eric Sharpe is an accomplished strategist, consultant and solution specialist. He has 25 years working with major corporations for technology and non-technology enhancements to help drive productivity improvements.