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Achieve best possible performance and improve productivity with more accurate, faster workforce planning and forecasting

People are any organisation’s most valuable resource – but also its most flexible. Holidays, sickness, and employee churn all affect resourcing levels – and now factors such as eligibility, work location, flexible working patterns, and even work preference all need to be considered. As the demands of work grow more varied and complex, matching resource to workload – both in the peaks and the troughs – is harder than ever. Get it wrong, and the risks of overwork and burnout, or unproductive employees disengaging with you, grow.

With ActiveOps you can forecast capacity and plan with more confidence, knowing that all the variables have been accounted for, and respond to unexpected situations in a way that protects productivity and wellbeing.

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How ActiveOps helps you better forecast and plan work and resources

ActiveOps provides workforce optimisation solutions that provide the data, actionable insights and intelligent management automation tools to forecast, plan, manage capacity, and balance performance and wellbeing.


Seamlessly collect and connect data

Gain unparalleled access to productivity data – both historical and real time, from an organisational level down to the individual. Use this 360° view of productivity to create more accurate plans and forecasts, keeping everyone engaged and on target. You can even see productivity by location, helping you manage distributed work effectively.

Make decisions with confidence

Instead of reacting to the unexpected based on guesses and estimates, respond swiftly and with confidence based on hard data. For instance, identify tasks that can be dropped if there is a sickness or create a list of work that can be done if everything else is completed.

Forecast capacity and plan resources effectively

Generate plans with just one click. It really is that simple. Work volumes, capacity surplus and deficits are all calculated based on historical data, planned work and events, and team productivity – so you can balance forecasting needs other operational directives around absences.

Reduce productivity variability

Set clear, achievable production targets for the team and improve workflow as well as overall employee performance. Better match supply and demand to reduce productivity variation in your teams – and eliminate burnout associated with period of high workload by identifying latent capacity that can be borrowed from elsewhere to meet demand.

Remove bottlenecks and widen your talent pool

Successfully up- and cross-skill employees without affecting productivity, based on a clear picture of who is busy and who has spare capacity. As well as keeping employees engaged and motivated, you create a wider pool of skills in teams that helps to eliminate high workloads caused by skills shortages. ActiveOps’ AOM Academy also provides managers the chance to gain certifications in managing using the rich data ActiveOps provides.

Why choose ActiveOps for your remote workforce intelligence needs?

  • Our software has been built based on 20 years of experience helping large enterprises in financial services, healthcare and professional services to improve how they forecast.
  • We’ve seen just about every way forecasting can be done, and all the things that can force your plans to change, and poured that knowledge into our solutions – meaning ActiveOps adds value whatever the situation.
  • Our customers typically see a 15% uplift in productivity in their first year working with us.

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