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Put wellbeing at the heart of your operations and create a productive, engaged workforce

The connection between employees feeling happy and healthy, and employees performing better, has been proven beyond a doubt. One of the major challenges that organisations face now is the combined effects of burnout, digital fatigue, and poor mental health. As the global workforce adapts to remote and hybrid working models, and as workloads become greater and more complex, it’s becoming harder to protect employee wellbeing. Poor wellbeing raises sickness rates and absenteeism, lowers productivity, affects business performance, and ultimately brings higher costs from talent attrition and recruitment.

ActiveOps enables managers to spot early signs of burnout, stress and disengagement wherever they or their employees are working. By enabling proactive and data-driven conversations, employees can take charge of their wellbeing to create a productive and happy workplace.

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How ActiveOps helps you protect employee wellbeing in a hybrid environment

ActiveOps provides workforce optimisation solutions that give managers real-time insights into the wellbeing of their employees, whether they work in the office or elsewhere.


Deal with wellbeing challenges before they get out of hand

See wellbeing data in real time. Easily access insights specific to wellbeing such as hours worked, login times, and productive vs non-productive time. Instead of sifting through other data to spot the signs of burnout, managers can see at a glance who is OK and who might need help – and take action quicker to support their teams.

Plan work at the optimum level

Create more accurate plans with just one click, and forecast workloads with greater precision based on historical data and work patterns, protecting wellbeing. In so doing, you’ll reduce the likelihood of overworking staff, reducing the risk of burnout. Similarly, optimising workloads means that employees aren’t underworked and are utilising all their time in best way – whether that’s core work, transformation projects, or their own development.

Identify upskilling and cross-skilling opportunities

Use insights to drive decisions about the coaching and training needed to increase the level of competency for the skills that your employees require. This gives them more confidence to do the work and bolsters productivity. By widening your skills pool, you’ll further reduce overwork, keep employees engaged and motivated, improve their experience, and ultimately give them another reason to continue their careers with you.

Why choose ActiveOps to optimise employee productivity?

  • ActiveOps understands that wellbeing is vital to productivity – and that the secret to managing wellbeing, just as it is with productivity, is to make the right data available to the right people at the right time.
  • For more than 20 years we’ve been working with global enterprises in labour- and knowledge-intensive industries to improve productivity in a way that protects wellbeing.

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