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Manage your hybrid workforce and drive success with powerful insights that eliminate ambiguity for managers, wherever your teams work

Massive shifts in working time, workload, and workspaces have helped create the hybrid workforce. Hybrid working creates an excellent opportunity for new and better-balanced working relationships, but with both employers and managers working remotely from each other, data is needed to ensure employees are healthy, happy, and engaged. Without it, managers are left making critical decisions on performance, productivity, and wellbeing based on guesswork.

ActiveOps gives organisations a clear view of their hybrid workforces, understanding how people work and perform in any location to make better, faster decisions that improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and protect employee wellbeing.

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How ActiveOps helps you gain visibility and drive better, faster results with real-time workforce intelligence

ActiveOps provides workforce optimisation solutions that give organisations a 360° view of their people, wherever they work.


Seamlessly collect and connect data

See further than system statistics and manual reports. Automatically gather and connect data on employee productivity, performance, and wellbeing at individual and aggregate level. Managers spend less time sorting through data and legacy systems, with data combined in one place to provide a holistic view. ActiveOps provides enterprise-grade security and scalability, with seamless data collection proven to scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of users.

Real-time analysis for timely decisions

Know instantly how your people and operations perform. Automated analysis of data enables managers to make just-in-time decisions and uncover trends about your people, plans and transformation programs. Understand performance by location, to help drive better decisions when defining and managing a hybrid workforce.

Drive better decisions and planning

Create plans that are simultaneously more realistic and more ambitious in one click. Balance resources with work demand to create a healthy working environment that keeps people performing at the best level to achieve business objectives. Real-time updates and planning enable you to respond to unexpected events with control and adjust plans to achieve the best outcomes possible, while still protecting your employee's wellbeing.

Keep people motivated and healthy

Understand the wellbeing of team members at a glance and empower them to take control of their own wellbeing. Managers can spot the early signs of burnout whether employees are at the office or at home via specialised dashboards. Viewing productivity and wellbeing by location gives managers an even richer picture that helps them protect their employees and balance wellbeing with productivity.

Develop a more agile and resilient workforce

Identify skills gaps to effectively up- and cross-skill employees to improve productivity, balance workloads, and improve the employee experience. With wider skills pool bottlenecks caused by skills shortages are reduced, making your organisation better able to adapt to change and remain resilient during busy periods. Employees feel more valued, more engaged, and happier to invest in their career with you.

Why choose ActiveOps for your hybrid workforce intelligence needs?

  • ActiveOps has developed the leading workforce management technology for service operations with hybrid workforces, with hundreds of proven deployments globally.
  • Our technology is easy to implement, even for 100% remote workforces, and is proven to scale to thousands of users.
  • ActiveOps workforce optimisation software typically delivers 15% productivity improvements for customers within the first year of deployment.

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