Benchmarking operations performance

Score and compare your operational performance against industry’s best to drive continuous improvement and gain a competitive advantage

Benchmarking is a great way to optimise your operations – if you can make it work. Finding the right data to make meaningful comparisons is hard – often the data isn’t available, not at the correct level of detail, or too low-quality. One-off benchmarking is also of limited value; to effect real change, you need to be able to continuously monitor your performance against other organisations.

ActiveOps helps transform the way you benchmark operations performance, effortlessly understand your score, track performance trends over time and continuously optimise your operations. 

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How ActiveOps helps benchmark operations performance

Through the OpsIndex, ActiveOps provides a unique opportunity for your organisation to score against key operational performance indicators in real time and track trends over time to improve performance and enable continuous transformation.


Score your operations in key areas

Evaluate the performance of your operations on an enterprise level and by department.  Assess how well you perform in five key dimensions: agility, focus, control, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Compare performance against best standards

Evaluate your scores against the ActiveOps customer base using benchmarked KPIs by sector and country to understand how well you’re doing against the competition, and your potential to improve and aim for highest standards.

Use data to drive action

Use the insights to drive actions in areas where performance isn’t where you want it to be. Monitor performance over time to assess the impact of changes and set new goals to support continuous operational improvement and optimise business performance.

Develop your people in line with benchmarking insights

Benchmarking gives you another source of insight to drive the development and training of your employees. In so doing, you’ll create an agile and resilient workforce, as well as keeping top talent engaged with you by helping them grow their skills.

Why choose and ActiveOps solution to optimise employee productivity?

  • Our benchmarking tools focus on providing you actionable intelligence on how to improve your operations.
  • Our wealth of anonymised yet detailed data makes our benchmarks truly meaningful.

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