Hybrid workforce management

Empower managers to lead a workforce that’s productive, engaged, and healthy – wherever people are working

Workforce management is more complex than anyone could have imagined even five years ago. In addition to increasingly complex tasks and rising customer expectations, hybrid work has made how managers support and lead their teams more complicated. To thrive in this new environment, managers need new datasets and technology that enable them to manage performance and productivity, and protect wellbeing – wherever employees are working.

With ActiveOps your managers can better manage and support their teams, improve resource planning, boost employee productivity, enhance employee experience, and ultimately lower operational costs whilst driving better customer service. No matter where employees, or managers, are working.

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How ActiveOps helps you effectively manage and optimise the productivity of a hybrid workforce

ActiveOps provides workforce optimisation solutions that gives managers the data and insights to effectively manage and boost the productivity of a hybrid workforce through better resource and capacity planning, skills management, and developing employees through coaching and training.


Get a real-time, view of your operations, wherever they are

Understand in real time how productive your employees are, wherever they work – the office, at home, or on the move. Managers can see all this data in one place, along with holistic analysis that drives better decisions and gives managers confidence in their plans.

No more collating and analysing data – just insights and action

Manage operations more simply with automated data gathering, collation, and analysis that gives managers time back in their days. The real-time nature of the ActiveOps transforms operations management from a guessing game into a game-changing source of efficiency and value.

Plan better with improved forecast accuracy

Forecast work volume and predict capacity surplus or deficit faster and more accurately, based on historical and forecasts data trends, planned work, and events. Easily update plans in response to unexpected events, showing managers what they need to do to keep productivity on track without putting employee wellbeing at risk.

Enable a culture of collaboration

Standardise measurement and processes across teams and departments to drive better results across the organisation. Centralised and connected plans drive collaboration across the organisation, efficiently reallocating latent capacity across the entire workforce to enable a consistent, optimal level of productivity.

Build an adaptive and resilient hybrid workforce

Developing your talent is vital to optimising performance, gaining a competitive advantage, and – most importantly – maintaining and enhancing your employee experience. ActiveOps identifies employees who have the time or need to gain additional skills or develop existing ones so that they can deliver better results and are motivated to continue their career with you.

Why choose ActiveOps for your workforce management needs?

  • ActiveOps has helped many large enterprises to shift from traditional working to a hybrid model – especially during the pandemic.
  • Our software is built on our 20-year heritage of helping organisations manage productivity and performance.
  • Our software works across global networks with thousands of users, making it ideal for large-scale hybrid deployments.

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