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Improve decisions and planning, develop and retain your people to optimise productivity

Hybrid work and remote team management add complexity and uncertainty for managers and employees, which can negatively impact the performance and wellbeing of your workforce and lead to increased costs, talent attrition and poor customer experience. Managers need real-time visibility into business processes and productivity, so they can eliminate that uncertainty by making better and faster decisions.

ActiveOps helps you optimise employee productivity, reduce outsourcing, eliminate unnecessary overtime work hours, and lower overall operational costs while your employees remain happy.

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How ActiveOps helps you improve employee productivity

ActiveOps provides workforce optimisation solutions that give managers the insights and tools to boost productivity while balancing performance with wellbeing, freeing them up to focus on leading and supporting their teams development through training and coaching.


Gain visibility and measure employee productivity

Make better decisions faster with seamless access to real-time data and insights into employee performance, productivity and utilisation – including time invested in work vs non-work activities. ActiveOps collates and analyses data so that managers can focus on managing their teams instead of number crunching.

Empower data-driven decisions and improve engagement

Access a wide range of reports that empower your people – at every level – to excel and engage. Individual employees can see their performance alongside that of their peers, motivating them to take charge of their own development. Managers can see what drives great performance and celebrate high performers, see which employees need more support through coaching or training. They uncover opportunities to improve engagement, improve work-life balance, foster collaboration and ultimately make the workday more positive.

Plan work and resources more effectively

Create more accurate plans in one click. Forecast work volumes and predict capacity surplus or deficit based on real-time and historical data to efficiently reallocate resources across the entire workforce, enabling a consistent, optimal level of productivity. Balancing resources and work available enables people to perform at optimum productivity, creates a healthy working environment, and makes it easier to achieve business objectives. As unexpected events unfold you can rapidly adjust course while maintaining control and delivering the highest level of productivity possible.

Balance performance with healthy behaviours

Identify early signs of burnout – working longer hours, no screen breaks, disengaged employees and lower productivity- and address with better support, resources and workload management to avoid costly talent attrition. Maintain workload at optimal levels, so that employees stay engaged and are protected from over or underwork. Access to individual insights empower employees to initiate conversations about wellbeing and own their work life balance.

Develop a more agile and resilient workforce

Use insights to drive decisions about upskilling and cross-skilling employees, resulting in productivity improvements, more balanced workloads, and improved employee experience. More capable employees help eliminate unnecessary overtime and reduce outsourcing, and helps employees feel valued, engaged and happy to invest in their career with you.

Why choose ActiveOps to optimise employee productivity?

  • ActiveOps gives enterprises like yours one of the most comprehensive pictures of employee productivity available – without intrusive employee monitoring techniques.
  • Our customers typically see productivity improve by 15% in the first year of deploying our solutions.
  • For over 20 years we’ve developed technology and a proven management methodology to empower operations people while protecting wellbeing.

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