Simplify the process. Focus on the people.

Employees, robots, remote work or in an office, the workforce and workspace continue to change.

Trying to increase employee productivity while ensuring a healthy work environment requires visibility into labour productivity and what’s really working. It takes more than just time tracking employees work and collecting information. You need to monitor the right data, to make thoughtful, safe decisions about your workers’ engagement and workforce productivity. That’s where we come in.

WorkiQ captures workforce analytics from desktop activity for all employees whether they are in the office or remote.

We take the guesswork out of where your people - or your automated workers - spend their time, by implementing the right tools to analyse worker productivity. So you can make meaningful management decisions.

Powerful insights

Data with purpose.

WorkiQ collects user activity directly from each monitored desktop to provide visibility and insight for the end user. Human, automated, remote or flex, we remove self-reporting to monitor staff performance via desktop, virtual machine or mainframe. What you get is a digestible, real-time dashboard that users across the company can customise to view the information they need.

Productivity rewards

Give out some gold stars.

Identify, categorise and reward high-value work activities. Use WorkiQ’s analysis to improve employee productivity:

  • Provide “in-the-moment” coaching.
  • Spot and reward work related behaviour.
  • Manage remote workers by aligning them to in-office compatriot standards.
  • Identify and replicate top performer experience across teams.
  • Identify non-work related application usage when and where they occur.
  • Check if your robots are optimized.

Accurate reports

Put your numbers to work.

WorkiQ real-time metrics identify where employees excel and where there’s room to improve team productivity. Managers can compare with accurate standards, motivate high performers with rewards and see where their teams rank against other groups or departments.

Fast and scalable results

Raise the bottom line.

WorkiQ goes beyond system statistics and self-reporting to create scalable, secure, real-time opportunities to improve your business - in less than six months.

Take your WorkiQ test drive.

Our real-time, accurate data is balanced with reporting for your operations team to evaluate true staffing and automation needs.

That means outsourcing is reduced, unnecessary overtime is eliminated, and overall operational costs are lowered while your employees - and your robots - remain happy.

Your ROI is as fast as a race car. And while we don’t sell those, you can fill the form to take us for a spin.

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