ActiveOps Releases ‘Automation Ready’ Workware™ v6 and Workware™ Mobile

Responding to the demand for a blended and optimized back office workforce

Reading UK, 23 May 2017: ActiveOps Ltd, a leader in back office workforce optimization announces the release of Workware™ v6, a leading cloud-based back office workforce optimization application, including support for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and a new mobile application.

First released in 2005, Workware supports leading service organizations in more than 37 countries, delivering sustainable improvements in back office operations, performance management, forecasting and capacity planning.

Consisting of two modules, Data Insights and Planning Insights, Workware v6 is ‘automation ready’, including mobile support, a fresh new user interface, streamlined navigation, improved analytics, support for Lean initiatives, enhanced dashboards and a new range of management reports.

Quick to install, the Workware Data Insights module provides in-depth, real-time insights, including productivity and utilization of individuals, robots, teams and departments, variation from standard unit times, and SLAs. Volume data is automatically captured from existing applications (CRM, BPM, ECM, etc.) and recorded for manual processes, with time information from all sources.

The granularity and accuracy of the information gathered allows operations managers to determine where time is spent on core and non-core work, identifying where spare capacity exists. This data is key to those embarking on an RPA project to avoid automating inefficiencies prior to implementation, while highlighting which tasks and processes would be best suited to be undertaken by robots.

Workware Planning Insights uses historical data to build and test forecast and capacity plans, robotic and business process improvements, and individual, team, training, coaching and mentoring opportunities. The combination of RPA scheduling and other operational performance data enables leaders to manage a blended workforce. The result is the ability to manage actively, improve employee engagement and collaboration through transparent, comprehensive and actionable data.

Workware mobile provides a single, real-time view of all operations from any Android or iOS mobile device. With Workware mobile, managers can respond quickly to variances and changes in forecasts, workloads or resources.

“The release of Workware v6 marks a significant stage in the evolution of the ActiveOps solution” explains Paul Moroney, CPO. “Workware has evolved from a software tool designed to support our accredited AOM (Active Operations Management) method, to become a cloud-based repository of key operational information that is otherwise not available in a decision useful, accessible and timely way.

Workware complements rather than replaces existing BPM, workflow, ERP or other operations systems to provide a single view of work and capacity across all operations.

With many forecasts predicting the effect of RPA, little has been written about the planning or coexistence of robots and existing operations teams. Embracing RPA is a natural evolution for ActiveOps as, quite simply, robots will be more effective if their work is planned for, capacity scheduled and performance monitored. The operations environment needs to stay in balance, whilst the benefits from RPA need to be quantified and realised.

Using Workware together with the AOM Method, team leaders and operations managers are trained to consistently manage actual and planned performance, collaborate across organisational boundaries, release latent capacity in their teams, drive operations efficiency, improve quality and meet SLAs.

Team members gain access to effective performance information which helps leaders provide balanced feedback resulting in improved employee engagement, wellbeing and performance”.