Workware Data Insights

Workware Data Insights

Real-time single view of all operations from department, team, robot and individual

Data Insights

Workware Data Insights – Provides a common view of back office operational performance, from individual, to robot, to department. A low-risk, rapidly-deployable module to enhance your operations.

Manual work can be recorded in real-time. Workware Connect captures work volumes from BPM, workflow, telephony systems, software robots, other line-of-business systems.

  • Single view of work and capacity

    Independent of existing systems

  • Typically operational within two weeks

    Deploy in days

  • Total view of existing operations

    Quickly identify non-core activities

  • Activity tagging

    Highlight input errors and failure demand

“Without data you are just another person with an opinion”

W. Edwards Deming

Workware Data Insights creates a single, real-time view of all work and resources: manual work, robotic and team output.

Workware Connect extracts data without duplicating, replacing or modifying any existing applications. Intuitive data is stored in the Workware Activity Repository.

Workware is configured to recognize existing organisational and process hierarchies. Multiple view options include end-to-end processes regardless of where the work is being performed.

Comprehensive reports and real-time dashboards are available as:

  • Organization
  • Product
  • Process or outcome with cost-per-transaction reports
  • Real-time individual or robotic performance reporting
  • Forecast accuracy measurement

Real-time Operations and Performance Data

Workware Data Insights complements existing IT systems without the need for replacement, duplication or modification including:

  • BPM
  • Workflow
  • Enterprise content management
  • Line-of-business of business applications

Achieve a single, real-time view of all operations eliminating tedious, complex and static spreadsheets or general purpose data analytics software. Workware Data Insights provides intuitive dashboards to operations managers. Managers are able to easily monitor the performance of all operations, departments, teams, robots and individuals.

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