ActiveOps Workware

Workware and Workware Mobile

* 15%+ Productivity Gains
* Real-time View of all Operations
* Identify Latent Capacity

* Complements existing systems
* Supports Lean initiatives
* Cloud-based SaaS Application

Back Office Workforce Optimization

Workware from ActiveOps is trusted by blue chip organizations in banking, insurance, government, outsourcing and shared services, to support the most demanding back office and administrative environments.

  • 15%+ Productivity Gains

    Realise benefits with three months

  • Single Real-time View of all Operations

    No need to replace, modify or retire existing systems

  • Support for RPA

    Monitor Department, Team, Individual and Robots

  • Complements Existing Systems

    Including BPM, Workflow, ECM and Line of Business Applications

  • Cloud Based SaaS Solution

    No software to install or maintain

  • Business Transformation Initiatives

    Quantify and transformation projects including Lean and Six Sigma

Workware is a powerful cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application explicitly designed to meet the increasing demand for back office workforce optimization. Workware enables engaged and motivated teams to perform at the highest level possible. Now, with Workware 6, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is supported allowing the management of a blended workforce of team members and robots.

With over a decade of back office and shared service centre operations expertise built in, Workware and Workware Mobile provide managers and team leaders with real-time departmental, team, individual and robotic performance data to deliver the best possible team performances.

Workware forecasting and capacity planning tools to focus on output planning and backlog management, making it easy for managers to review and revise priorities.

Used by leading financial services, BPOs, shared service centres and government orgnaizations across the globe.

Workware Mobile – real-time updates on the go

With access to a single view of all operations data, even on the move with Workware Mobile, managers are able to balance resources, identify latent capacity, prioritise and plan daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly work schedules to meet quality and SLA targets.

ActiveOps Workware Mobile

Support for Lean and Business Transformation Initiatives

Workware is designed to support and quantify the effectiveness of Lean, Six Sigma and other business transformation intitiatives with real-time performance and capacity management data.

Workware recently gained approved product status  from the Lean Competency System (LCS).  LCS is a university developed and industry recognised qualifications framework for developing lean thinking, knowledge and practical skills in the workplace.

Workware Complements BPM and other Systems

Workware Connect enables data to be captured in real-time for BPM, Document Management, workflow engines and other line of business applications.

The result is a single real-time view of all operations without the need to replace or duplicate any existing systems.

As Workware is a cloud based solution there is nothing to install, maintain or update on local servers or user devices.

Data Capture

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Mobile Operations Forecasting
Data Capture
Operations Reporting

Workware’s powerful analytics help you identify performance improvement opportunities, realise benefits, identify spare capacity and non-core activities

Workware’s real-time management capabilities keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation with a single view of all operations performance and capacity

Powerful and flexible capacity planning and forecasting analysis using historical data to produce and monitor daily, weekly, yearly plans