Workware Planning Insights

Workware Planning Insights

Balance work and time across diverse back office operations.

Planning Insights

Workware – Planning Insights – The Workware Planning Insights module helps team managers to balance work and time across diverse business operations.

Incorporating elements of the Active Operational Management (AOM) methodology, team mangers are trained to use the data and the software to collaborate, plan and forecast work and capacity in a consistent and effective way.

  • Unlock Latent Capacity

    Balance work between siloed teams

  • Raise Productivity

    Enable team members to work to optimum capacity

  • Recognise and Quantify Good Performance

    Identify best practice, skills development and training opportunities

  • Reduce Management and Team Stress

    Minimize uncertainty of forecasting through accurate data

  • Embed a Consistent Business Framework

    Through Active Operations Management (AOM) Method

  • Load Balance in Real-Time

    Actively and immediately manage changes in work volume

ActiveOps Workware Planning Insights


    Releasing Latent Capacity
  • Variability volumes and capacity leads to the right capacity and the wrong time
  • When work volumes are high, productivity is high
  • High work volume can lead to higher productivity but cause lower quality, longer leads times and increased stress
  • Excess work leads to backlog and increased overtime
  • This environment can cause lower staff satisfaction

Forecasting and planning for Active Operations Management

  • Excess capacity loaned to other teams or reduces backlog
  • Quantify work from all sources to understand resourcing requirements
  • Measure and stabilize productivity to convert forecasts into plans and managing performance
  • Teams of teams collaborate to deliver optimal results
  • Customer needs met by cross skilled and engaged staff working to their potential
  • Unexpected events managed with the best organizational response

By using performance data consistently, operations managers are able to communicate and adjust workloads. Managers have the ability to balance resources between teams, build realistic incentive plans, and to utilise non-core activity time for skills development.

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