A Management Process Automation solution.

Whatever the size and scope of your workforce, you physically can’t be everywhere at once.

But with the right tools and technology, you can get pretty darn close.

Our offer is comprised of two main technologies.

ActiveOps workforce optimization solutions, ControliQ and WorkiQ create a holistic view of your workforce, processes and productivity. We help you understand what’s actually working and where to spend your time making improvements.

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A workforce management solution.

ControliQ, the only automated workforce management solution, enables managers to simplify the running of operations and increase worker productivity. Our automated data collection and reporting gives managers clear visibility of their business capacity, so they can use real-time data to optimise and accurately plan ahead. Automated forecasts show capacity and constraints between the work and your employees. ControliQ’s automated, standardized reporting provides a true and accurate measure of utilization and worker productivity. This automation transforms your team’s effectiveness, embedding improvement whatever the challenges that lie ahead.


An employee productivity solution.

WorkiQ is our workforce intelligence solution. From desktop to remote workers, humans to machines, it can be deployed anywhere to capture a 360-degree view of your entire workforce. WorkiQ helps measure employee productivity and provides data with purpose and tangible insights. WorkiQ automatically and passively collects a precise, accurate view of how individuals across your team spends their day. So, you can make the right decisions, with confidence, to increase team productivity and create a healthier work environment.

Active Operations Management

Software designed with method.

Finally, we embed our Active Operations Management (AOM) method into ActiveOps software solutionsThis is a key component in automating management process and optimising worker productivity to deliver customer success.


An operations index & benchmark tool.

To succeed in any industry means staying ahead of the competition. OpsIndex, the world’s first Workforce Management Operations Index and Benchmark, provides a true, unbiased comparison to how your service operations are performing. See how you stack against your competitors regardless of geography or function.

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